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cool game realy fun and has awsome art but could have better introduction and more tower vareity

i love halloween, mushrooms, tower defense and my bday is in october so i  recommend

Neat game, but a lot of the levels are way too short. The idea of the split path on level "3" (why does it start at 0? I know computers do, but the player isn't a computer) is neat, but said gimmick literally didn't even matter because there were only enough waves for me to build half the path. Level 4 was too short for me to finish the path as well, but I didn't even get to upgrade from the basic mushrooms before it was over! This kind of made the final level disappointing as well, as I was excited to try to find the most efficient setup, but it ended when half of my towers were still walls, and my setup probably would've been more efficient if I just didn't try to use the other half of the map at all.

The control scheme is kind of awkward as well. Middle click is annoying to pan the camera with, and replacing mushrooms is a bit tedious when you have to remove it, then pick the new one you want, and then place down the new one. It would have been nice if I could just place new mushrooms over old ones, for example. Camera panning could've probably been moved to right click, with a quick right click on a mushroom deleting it, but holding and dragging would pan.

Besides the minor stuff brought up in my feedback, this is a decently enjoyable game for as long as it lasts. I do agree with the other comments that something like a level editor could've probably quadrupled its longevity (or more!), but I don't regret installing it.

sick dude love it


Loved playing this game. I just wish there was an endless mode, or maybe some levels were longer.


make a level editor

I like the game idea. Keep up the good work!


I beat the second,third,fourth,fith,sixth,and seventh level on my first try!!!


I loved the game, I just wish there were more levels.


+ nice art style

+ clean and simple

+ tactical and fun

- no tower upgrades

Hi man. Any tips building this from source on a mac?

Can I update this to Godot 3.1 version and make a mobile version for Android, perhaps upload it to Google Playstore?

No, sorry. The art assets are not free to use. I uploaded the source for people to learn from. If you want to create your own tower defense game based on this one you certainly can though. I do plan to revisit this game at some point in the future as well.

I see, I see. Very well then. Looking forward on "Mushroom Towers 2" in the future! :)



./mushromtowers_linux: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
$ ll /usr/lib | grep libpng ->* ->** ->*

I think you should provide all the shared libraries, then we can use:


posion mushroom op

perfected the last level

was the second level i played

Nice designed game :)


[BUG] Can't Open the Game on Linux

Error message from Terminal:
./mushromtowers_linux: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

My system specs:
OS: Lubuntu 18.04 LTS 64 bit

That is not a bug, you lack a package on your distro.

Oh... And how to fix this?

installing libssl will maybe not be enough, you also need the same version than the author used. This is why he should probably provide the libs or compile statically.

same error here, Ubuntu 21.10 

wow made in Godot Engine :D Congratulations :)

Does the source code require 2.2/3.0 to compile?

I made the game with a 2.2 alpha build, it uses the new astar class, and I think a few other new features in 2.2.

It was a nice little game, but how is it spooky?

  • Great art style.
  • Could use some kind of interaction during the waves or a way to speed it up.
  • Give it a story about a girls in pumpkin/mushroom suits etc.
  • Could be spookier.

This is a real master piece <3
I loved the overall design, very simple and smooth. The graphics... man! Congratualtions for doing this!

I found a bug (or not) if we block the entire path, the waves simply don't spawn. Is it possible to fix it by seting the walls to have a health kinda property?


Thank you! You can destroy mushrooms by right clicking them, you get their full cost back, so there's no waste for accidentally placing a mushroom in a wrong spot.