A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Tower defense with mushrooms! Enemies come in waves from their hill to attack your pumpkin, defend it by placing mushroom towers. There are 8 levels to play on.

ESC - Pause
Left Click - Place current tower
Right Click - Stop placing tower / Delete tower below cursor
Middle Click - Hold to move camera
Scroll Wheel - Zoom in and out
Keys 1-5 - Select a tower to place

This game is made in Godot 2.2 alpha

Fabric by Dr.Doomsday


Mushroom Towers (Windows) 21 MB
Mushroom Towers (Linux) 22 MB
Mushroom Towers (Source) 14 MB


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wow made in Godot Engine :D Congratulations :)

Does the source code require 2.2/3.0 to compile?

I made the game with a 2.2 alpha build, it uses the new astar class, and I think a few other new features in 2.2.

It was a nice little game, but how is it spooky?

  • Great art style.
  • Could use some kind of interaction during the waves or a way to speed it up.
  • Give it a story about a girls in pumpkin/mushroom suits etc.
  • Could be spookier.

This is a real master piece <3
I loved the overall design, very simple and smooth. The graphics... man! Congratualtions for doing this!

I found a bug (or not) if we block the entire path, the waves simply don't spawn. Is it possible to fix it by seting the walls to have a health kinda property?


Thank you! You can destroy mushrooms by right clicking them, you get their full cost back, so there's no waste for accidentally placing a mushroom in a wrong spot.