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I'm unable to look around for some reason:

It responds to me moving the mouse around, but it won't let me look more than a few pixels before snapping back to the center. If I had to hazard a guess, there's something wrong with how your mouse look is calculated in relation to how the mouse is locked in relation to locking the cursor inside the display, but without the source code I don't know for sure.

I've got three different controllers plugged in, so that might have something to do with it even though I can't use them to play the game. Either way, I'd urge you to fix this immediately.

I cant mouselook, Idk why.

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I like the style and I'm impressed with how polished, simple, light-weight, and fun this is for a game made during a jam. :)

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HI SOMe dude made this video


plz make a multiplayer function, more monsters and be able to get other weapons

This is pretty cool but gets too grindy quick. :)